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Website investing is the act of acquiring a website solely for the purpose of earning both income and cash flow. The goal would be to have the website be a form of digital real estate. You can make small sets of improvements over the years to help the underlying niche website to appreciate in value.
If you’re looking to purchase an online business, this category is for you! You’ll find valuable content suited for you regardless of your experience level. You’ll discover monetization models to help you select a business that fits you, step-by-step buying guides, testimonials from our customers, and much more. Buying an online business can be a life-changing event, and we’re here to help you every step of the way. Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of people buy websites and our actionable advice is available for you to take advantage of.

Visit our marketplace to the online business that fits you best. From passive investments to more involved assets, we’ve got them all. See a business you like? Unlock the listing for access to everything you need to review your potential purchase: URL, Google Analytics, Profit & Loss Statement, etc.

Marketplace - Online Businesses Sales
Added ListingModelNicheAsking Sales PriceRevenue/PossibilityProfit /PossibilityInventory Multiple R-Index 
August, 2019 Amazon Associates SiteOnline ShopsVariety Products$25,000$200$200+Yes -1
August, 2019Online Dating ServiceDating ServiceOnline Dating $50,000$50000$10000N/A25x2
August, 2019Digital ServiceDigital Marketing and Web Development ServiceTechnology$220000$100000$50000N/A4.4x3
September,2019Coins Buy and SellBlog / Content SiteRare Coins and Stamps$100000$100000$1MN/A1x4
September, 2019IT ServiceWeb Design and Development ServiceDigital Service$150000$100000 (Already Earning)$100000N/A1.5x5
July 17, 2020Blog WebsiteBlog ContentContent$220000Click The Earning statement Link--------------N/A25x6

 Internet Businesses for Sale
Added ListingModelNicheAsking Revenue Profit Inventory Multiple R-Index 
23rd Sep 19$3.0K Per Month Amazon Associates Site in the Home NicheBlog / Content SiteHome, Leisure and Romance$94,919$36,312$35,592N/A2.67x137
19th Sep 19SaaS - B2B Conversion Rate Optimization & Social Media Marketing - $5.8K gross/moSaaS / Web AppBusiness$235,000$70,000$59,000N/A3.98x100
19th Sep 19Nutritional Supplement eCommerce StoreEcommerce (Inventory)Health and Beauty$1,375,000$9,084,450$764,333$500,0001.80x192
19th Sep 19High-Margin eCommerce Brand in Party Games for Groups With Unique IPEcommerce (Amazon FBA)Home, Leisure and RomanceUnknown$3,602,110$1,310,100N/AN/AN/A
17th Sep 19Display Advertising - Skincare & Health Blog - $4.3K gross/moBlog / Content SiteHealth and Beauty$136,000$52,000$50,000N/A2.72x135
17th Sep 19Health & Wellness eCommerce BusinessEcommerce (Inventory)Health and Beauty$375,000$763,746$135,923$10,0002.76x134
16th Sep 19Affiliate - Baby & Kid's Product Reviews - $1.1K gross/moReview SiteFamily and Parenting$35,000$13,600$12,400N/A2.82x131
16th Sep 19$79.5K Per Month eCommerce Site in the Apparel & Accessories NicheEcommerce (Dropship)Apparel and Accessories$365,215$953,904$125,220N/A2.92x128
16th Sep 19$1.5K Per Month Adsense Site in the Sports NicheBlog / Content SiteOther / Unclear$53,518$17,652$17,352N/A3.08x122
16th Sep 19$81.3K Per Month eCommerce Site in the Kitchenware NicheEcommerce (Amazon FBA)Home, Leisure and Romance$695,070$975,276$278,028N/A2.50x145
16th Sep 19$2.7K Per Month Advertising Site in the Pet Care NicheBlog / Content SiteHome, Leisure and Romance$95,781$32,688$31,932N/A3.00x125
13th Sep 19Affiliate - Technology & Electronics Review Blog - $3.5K gross/moBlog / Content SiteOther / Unclear$100,000$42,000$40,500N/A2.47x147
12th Sep 19Job Board Website with 50% Subscription RevenuePrivate Member SiteEmployment and Education$830,000$715,223$339,084N/A2.45x148
12th Sep 19Amazon FBA Kitchen & Bathroom Business w/ 260% YOY GrowthEcommerce (Amazon FBA)Home, Leisure and Romance$880,000$1,085,160$298,296N/A2.95x127
11th Sep 19Growing SaaS Business in the Social Media Planning & Analytics IndustrySaaS / Web AppSocial Media$2,000,000$1,040,750$515,184N/A3.88x102
 Add  Listing ModelNicheAskingRevenueProfitInventoryMultipleR-Index
10th Sep 19SaaS - B2B Food & Catering Ordering Platform - $32K gross/moSaaS / Web AppBusiness$510,000$382,000$129,000N/A3.95x101
10th Sep 19SaaS - B2B Workflow Automation & Data Extraction Software - $15K MRRSaaS / Web AppBusiness$665,000$169,000$148,000N/A4.49x92
10th Sep 19SaaS - Blogging Automation Platform - $2.9K MRRSaaS / Web AppOther / Unclear$118,000$33,000$27,000N/A4.37x94
9th Sep 192 Year Old Content Publishing Site in Entertainment Vertical - $136K Profit LTM - Adsense (75% of total)Blog / Content SiteEntertainment$295,000$138,697$136,657N/A2.16x164
9th Sep 19$77.5K Per Month Amazon FBA Site in the Home NicheEcommerce (Amazon FBA)Home, Leisure and Romance$437,284$929,484$187,404N/A2.33x154
9th Sep 19$39.1K Per Month SaaS Site in the Business NicheSaaS / Web AppBusiness$1,494,109$468,840$280,140N/A5.33x81
9th Sep 19$14.5K Per Month Affiliate Site in the Pet Care NicheReview SiteHome, Leisure and Romance$405,788$174,492$173,904N/A2.33x154
9th Sep 19$25.8K Per Month Amazon FBA Site in the Occasions & Gifts NicheEcommerce (Amazon FBA)Other / Unclear$52,712$310,068$23,424N/A2.25x158
9th Sep 19$25.9K Per Month Amazon FBA Site in the Automotive NicheEcommerce (Amazon FBA)Cars and Motors$237,097$311,328$101,616N/A2.33x154
9th Sep 19$293.5K Per Month Amazon FBA Site in the Sports NicheEcommerce (Amazon FBA)Sport$2,384,487$3,522,180$754,068N/A3.16x120
9th Sep 19$24.3K Per Month Amazon FBA Site in the Home NicheEcommerce (Amazon FBA)Home, Leisure and Romance$76,616$291,984$35,364N/A2.17x163
9th Sep 19$1.6K Per Month Affiliate Site in the Occasions & Gifts NicheBlog / Content SiteOther / Unclear$50,953$19,548$16,092N/A3.17x120
9th Sep 19$21.5K Per Month Subscription Site in the Business NicheSaaS / Web AppBusiness$626,834$258,276$197,952N/A3.17x120
9th Sep 19$6.0K Per Month Affiliate Site in the Business NicheBlog / Content SiteBusiness$191,516$71,964$63,840N/A3.00x125
9th Sep 19$26.4K Per Month eCommerce Site in the Home NicheEcommerce (Amazon FBA)Home, Leisure and Romance$143,023$316,740$53,628N/A2.67x137